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The beginning of our enterprise activities dates from the sixties of the last century. We started from a development and consulting activity in the domain of industrial fittings. Now Tehaco specializes in the manufacturing of fittings and process equipment for the environmental protection branch, water and sewer utilities, and also for the pulp and paper, food and chemical industries as well as the professional power engineering, mining and marine management.

A philosophy, believed in from the very beginning and consisting in introducing innovations and uncompromisingly striving after technological perfection of the product, has been the central guiding idea of the development. The Tehaco’s driving force is to continually seek efficient solutions that ensure effectiveness, precision and ergonomy.

The production based on our own designs, drawing from the latest design and technological solutions, combined with the consistency and dynamics of action and experience in research, design and manufacturing of process equipment and industrial fittings, brought about numerous innovations and inventions in that domain. That has allowed Tehaco to keep the position of the leading manufacturer, providing the best technologically possible solutions.

The highest quality, unique solutions and company’s high potential have allowed Tehaco to make deliveries not only in Poland but also for most complex engineering projects in many countries of the Western Europe, Scandinavia, Near East as well in Eastern Europe countries.

About Us